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Seed companies, cultivators, producers, chocolatiers, extractors, and more

The cannabis industry and community is made up of thousands of different brands made up of thousands more hardworking individuals. From cultivators, to extract makers, chocolatiers, and everything in between, Cannabis Reports supports cannabis brands.

Countries where cannabis originally comes from

Cannabis has been used by people around the world for thousands of years. Plants look different depending on where they're from, and the chemicals produced to create flavors, smells, and effects come from different places too.

Seed Companies
Companies or individuals that breed cannabis

Cannabis has been carefully bred for various flavors, effects, or types of production for decades by various seed companies. Cannabis Reports identifies strains by both seed company and the name of a strain whenever possible.

Names for different types of cannabis

Seed companies have combined thousands of cannabis plants over the years to create thousands more strains. They are a combination of two cannabis plants that are intentionally brought together to make a new plant sharing desired characteristics of both.

Cannabis Family Trees
Like your family tree, if your parents were plants

Cannabis Reports keeps track of the heritages of cannabis strains to attempt to trace them back to their countries of origin to provide better ways to identify cannabis and the flavors and effects we desire.

Indica, Sativa, Hybrid
How we classify strains differently

While these terms attempt to classify characteristics of cannabis plants, they do not align with a current scientific classifications for cannabis. Until a scientific consensus is reached on the taxonomy of cannabis, Cannabis Reports uses seed companies and countries of origin for describing strains, as they offer more variety and specificity.

Flowers and Plants
Parts of the cannabis plant

Cultivators from around the world grow cannabis indoors and outdoors to create flowers, clones, seeds, and shake. Other cannabis is cultivated for stems, leafs, and seeds for other industrial uses in the form generally called "hemp."


Flowers are finished budding tops of the female cannabis plant. They contain the most cannabinoids and terpenes and are consumed directly, vaporized, smoked, or processed into other products.


Clones are cuttings of stem and leaves taken from a cannabis plant that has yet produced flowers. They are genetic copies of the plant and often sold to help provide starting plants for others.


Seeds are created when female cannabis plant are pollenated. The seeds are produced in the flowering tops and are sold for food, industry, and growing more cannabis.


Shake is the cannabis that is not sold as flowering tops. Still high in cannabinoids, it is not only sold for direct consumption, but for processing into other products as well.

Concentrated chemical contents from the cannabis plant.

Cannabis extracts are created through many different processes to create many different products. Some extractions are done to concentrate actual parts of the plant, while others are created by filtering out various chemicals and parts of the plant to concentrate the chemicals that produce desired flavors and effects.

Vaporized, Smoked and Conusmed Extracts

Many types of extracts are directly consumed through smoking, vaporization, or other methods. There are new categories of extracts being perfected and created all of the time. From concentrations of the plant trichomes like hash, to extractions of liquid oil, concentrates are preferred among many.

Extracts Into Other Products

Most edibles and other non-consumable products are created by first extracting the desired parts of cannabis from the actual plant itself. The stems, leaves, and other vegetative matter are removed through various processes and the extracted material like butter, hash, oil, and so on, is used to create other products.

Cannabis products you eat

Edibles are made for consumption for humans or other animals. While some edibles are made directly from flowers, most contain extracted cannabis.

Cannabis products you don't eat

Products are non-consumable cannabis products used for things like topical treatments, bath and body care, or other applications.


Cannabis Reports supports reviews for thousands of different types of cannabis products. Whether it's medicated edibles for pets, extracts of the finest quality, or flowers from professional cultivators: Cannabis Reports has you covered.

Medical Studies

Research on the medical efficacy of cannabis is evolving and growing at a constant and rapid pace. You can explore hundreds of medical conditions and their supported studies.


The cannabis industry and community is a growing landscape of people and companies providing goods and services throughout the world. Cannabis Reports covers news and events happening to help keep you informed about